vianca reinig


vianca reinig

artist statement

i am interested in deconstructing.
i am interested in repetitive patterns and shapes.
i am interested in what happens when repetitive pattern and shapes are looked at from different angles and perspectives.

i am interested in the process of re defining and the possibility of rethinking the characteristics of shapes.

i am interested in the concept of series.
i am interested in colour.
i am interested in how colour can be studied in series.

i am interested in the arbitrary of it all.


(*1989) vianca reinig was born in the south of germany, but spent part of her childhood and early teens in sheffield, the north of england. during her time studying art history at the university of vienna, austria, her interest in photography grew. she quickly changed education and moved to frankfurt am main, germany, to study photography at the gutenberg school.

the curiosity for patterns and repetition began at an early age with her many location changes. through the constant exposure to new surroundings, finding similarities, not only in human behaviour but also sceneries, became a habit. this approach has translated into her work where she attends to question, what happens to patterns and shapes when you start manipulating them through perspectives and start deconstructing.

she currently lives and works in paris.