vianca reinig


vianca reinig

artist statement

my work is a series of process studies which show what happens to geometrical forms and patterns when the perspective the observer looks at is changed.

manipulating the monotonous repetitive algorithms in geometry, which we encounter on a daily basis, by alternating between various points of view, individual shapes can be found within these patterns. these shapes, which have been forged by a different perspective and special distortion, are the premise of my serial studies. what follows is a series of photographs of constructed shapes and colour combinations which are being observed and assembled from an, again, newly found angle. i question, what happens to these shapes, individually and as a group when being put into different constellations? how do they influence each other's characteristics and behaviour from each other ? is the original statement of the pattern lost or has it just evolved? what, as we the observer, see in these new arrangements?

through the practice of series I can study the many possibilities of interaction. colour and colour patterns are an integral part of my work. they enable me to add a different set of emotions, moods, and depth to their newly formed surrounding. by using three dimensional objects and converting them into two dimensional photographs, the result generates an optical illusions of movement and vibrancy.

patterns and geometry are omnipresent in our lives and by experimenting with different perspectives, we challenge our imagination. and by challenging our imagination we achieve a more profound understanding of what surrounds us.


(*1989) born in baden-baden in the south of germany, but spent part of her childhood and early teens in sheffield, the north of england. during her time studying art history at the university of vienna, austria, her interest in photography grew. she quickly changed education and moved to frankfurt am main, germany, to learn photography at the gutenberg school. after completing her studies and training in 2013, specialised in portrait photography, she set off to hamburg, germany. throughout her many travels she became more fascinated with architecture and graphic architectural elements such as colour which soon replaced her classical portrait photography.

she currently lives and works in paris.